The StandUpBox is a revolutionary folding cardboard desk raiser of high quality and affordable alternative for electric height adjustable desks. The StandUpBox is fully to customize in your style.

We are proud that we’ve succeeded to design a desk raiser which we have set our values continuous vitality and sustainability.

The prototype has been thoroughly tested by physical therapists and experts of the Radboud University in Nijmegen. We are grateful for all the great feedback we have received from various professionals. We have taken the time to optimize the design and will continue to do so. We proudly present the StandUpBox .

Boost your energy level

Improves your creativity

Increases your productivity

Made of recycled cardboard

in a social work environment

Honest product for a fair price

in any print

Original business gift

for at work or at home


Sustainability is the new standard. Also our standard. In the design of the StandUpBox this is an important starting point. Hence, the StandUpBox is made from FSC recycled cardboard with a protective layer of biodegradable laminate.

Once the StandUpBox are services has proven, the StandUpBox just at the old paper be put after recycling the road can be found in the circular economy.

By the papierrecylcing is an old StandUpBox used as raw material for new paper and cardboard.

Social enterprice

The StandUpBox is assembled and ready for sending by disabled people and people with a distance to the labour market. We believe that everyone should be able to do to the society and want with the production and sale of the StandUpBox people on work opportunities, training and development.

On to a healthier world

We are convinced that the StandUpBox contribute to a healthier world.
What a theory eh? Yes, we dare to say that by using the StandUpBox employees healthier and more vital.

Studies show that too much and too long be an increased chance of chronic health problems such as type 2 diabetes.
Standing work improves blood flow throughout the body, including the brain.At alternating and creates the brain are 2.5 x more ideas. And if more oxygen at the brain cells will also concentrate the better.

De StandUpBox

The desk raiser with a good story. Ergonomically responsible, eco-friendly, lightweight, flexible and inexpensive.

This is the solution to get working people moving.

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