“What a fantastic alternative to the electrically adjustable desks. Specifies the possible that anyone anywhere can work standing. Or that well in the Office or at home at the kitchen table. Well conceived, smart design, good light. Also handy that you can just fold up. I expect that many people here have fun of go. In any case, I like to Ambassador of the StandUpBox. “

Patrick Peters, Owner Business Health Cooperation & Vector Labour Expert Advice

Works fine! I am very happy with it that I can StandUpBox my attitude by the alternate. Another advantage for me is the light weight which makes moving easy. The StandUpBox is perfect for the laptop and has the right height.

Iris Cents

Am happy with my ‘ StandUpBox! Standing and sitting work is so fine and you expand it in no time flat; can go  wherever you go;)

Margot Arts

“The StandUpBox makes it possible – without high investment – to work more dynamic. And that’s good news because this enables people might check out more often at home standing work with the laptop. Many clients have complaints as a result of prolonged sitting at the computer. I recommend people with a sedentary job than to work more often because that has a positive effect on the musculoskeletal system. “

Jules Reintjes, physical therapist and manual therapist

“I advocate that we all stand work more often and more move moments. Alternating sitting and standing is healthy for the body. In addition, portrait works I otherwise think. Standing work has in many people has a positive effect on creative processes. The StandUpBox fits perfectly with: easy changing work position on each workstation. A creative solution with many innovative value! “

Jose Ermers, Future Health Designer & Children's Physiotherapist

Thanks for the StandUpbox. I have previously worked with the box at Radboud into Languages so I knew what I was going to get. Am very satisfied with it, use it daily, and really clears it up easily on my teacher at pilates to see it also my attitude, so that should also as compliment to you. Truly a revolution. It is now advertising for you guys in her building, she is so satisfied.