• StandUpBox Original

     39.95 excl. BTW
    With this folding desk-raiser of high quality cardboard it is easy to make every table your standing work station. This is the alternative for expensive, inflexible high-low solutions. The StandUpBox  is designed based on the needs to alternate between sitting and standing work. StandUpBox is the smart design for using various computer devices.
  • StandUpBox Tas 2 StandUpBox tas 1

    StandUpBox bag

     14.95 excl. BTW
    This custom bag is designed to StandUpBox even to transport in wind and weather. With it you can also just take your bicycle with you on the StandUpBox. This handy bag is made of used festival banners and thereby, each bag a unique print. The material is smooth and water-repellent. We are very proud to work here with StudioMeer because of their unique concept that completely fits our sustainable and social values. These are unique bags with a good story.
  • Customize your own

     49.95 excl. BTW
    Imagine: customized StandUpBoxes  in your own house style or logo, as a unique and responsible business gift. Contribute to the vitality of your employees and relationships: give them a private StandUpBox. Radiate as a company that you stand for vitality. And we will help you. What would you like as the print: A color? A work of art? Nature picture? City-look? With or without logo? It can. Here you can order the desired quantity,  we will contact you about your desired design-greeting.