Stand Up

for your health

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Stand Up
for your health

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This is THE affordable solution to change more often between standing work and sitting work…

WORKING WHILE STANDING increases your vitality, creativity & productivity.

Flexible & affordable


With this folding desk-raiser of high quality cardboard it is easy to make every table your standing work station. This is the alternative for expensive, inflexible high-low solutions. The StandUpBox  is designed based on the needs to alternate between sitting and standing work. StandUpBox is the smart design for using various computer devices.

Dynamic working is now accessable and affordable for everyone.

The smart desk raiser

The StandUpBox is designed to change between sitting and standing work with a simple act. Expand the StandUpBox, put it on your workdesk and place your device on it. After use you fold the box and you take it easily with you.

You can go anywhere with this foldable desk raiser. No matter the format laptop or tablet you’re using.

From an ergonomic point of view we recommend using a separate keyboard while you work standing up. You don’t have one? No problem,  because thanks to the included laptop-stands you can place the display on your laptop at eye level and yet the keyboard on elbow level. Handy.

“Works fine!
The StandUpBox supports the laptop well at the right height. I am so happy because now I can switch my body posture more often.
Another advantage for me is the light weight which makes moving it easy. 

Iris Cents, consultant

“The StandUpBox makes it possible – without high investment – to work dynamically. And that’s good news because this enables more people to stand at work. This will prevent  a lot of complaints as a result of prolonged sitting behind the computer.

Jules Reintjes, physical therapist

“What a fantastic alternative to the adjustable desks. Specifically, the possibility is that anyone anywhere can work standing. As well in the office or at home at the kitchen table. Well-conceived, smart design, light. And convenient that you can just fold up.

Patrick Peters, employment expert
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