Because we sit a lot. To much.

A lot of people have complaints that are not necessary. As we move more and more often, we become healthier and happier.

Sedentary behavior leads to health risks. In the TNO report “sit long, a new threat to our health!” is even talked about a new labour risk. Too much sitting is unhealthy.

Sedentary behavior is a new health risk

Work is an important source of motion become poverty. Brings the average working day sitting by 7 hours on a Dutchman. Workers in business services, automation, insurance and banking and public sector are more than average. Automation and computerization increase our sedentary behavior. We speak of sedentary behavior as there are activities carried out which few energy costs while sitting or lying but does not sleep. Recent data of the TNO monitor ‘ physical activity and health ‘ shows that sedentary behavior frighteningly has increased.

There is scientific research conducted on the physiological mechanisms that the relationship between sit long and health risks. Though it is officially not yet scientifically proven, there are enough clues for the following propositions:

  • sit long is a risk factor for premature death
  • sit long increases the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease
  • sit long can lead to depression, cancer and musculoskeletal disorders.

Moving more starts with less sitting

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